App and game localization

If you care about user experience and want your Spanish-speaking users to fall in love with your app or video game, you should care about a good localization.


A good localization allows you to:

  • speak to them in a natural way (your text doesn’t feel like a translation)
  • avoid cultural misunderstandings
  • keep linguistic consistency throughout the text and with future updates
  • make them experience your product the way you envisioned

It’s not only about breaking the language and culture barrier, but also about keeping them engaged. Don’t you think?

To enjoy a good localization for your app or game, feel free to contact me. My rates start at $0.09 per English word. These may vary depending on technicality, format and urgency.

Not sure if I can handle your files’ format? Don’t worry, I use localization tools that allow me to work with many formats, from HTML to XML and Java properties, but feel free to ask.

Is your text already translated but the results are not as good as expected? I can tell you what’s wrong, and then you decide if you want me to fix it.

Yes, let’s do it!