You win some, lose some, it’s all the same to me — Motorhead, “Ace of Spades”

I learned some things over these six years of freelancing.

The world is random.

No matter how hard we try to find patterns and make order out of this chaos. But still, we trust gurus and experts to tell us what to do.

Well, sometimes success is not about mastering skills or doing the right thing. Sometimes, you just need luck.

But you can make your own luck trying and testing your ideas as much as possible.

I landed my first long-term client because I happened to send the right email at the right time. After maybe hundreds of rejections.

If you keep on trying, you learn to write better emails. You learn what clients need. You learn that networking beats the CV approach. You learn to differentiate yourself from others.

The only secret I know to be different is approaching things as if you knew nothing, which means you do what you feel right even if it’s not normal or standard.

Your clients will surely appreciate that.

I still fail a lot. But the most important thing is to keep on playing.

Over time you realize that your knowledge, your real knowledge, comes from your experience, from those things you tried. It doesn’t matter how much information you read, there is something wrong in assuming you know something you have not experienced.

Listen to experts as much as you want, but test your ideas first, and then decide for yourself whether something works or not.