Professional stuff

I’ve been connecting people and top companies in the IT, health, and game industries with the European Spanish market for eight years as a freelancer in the roles of a translator, copywriter, editor and language consultant.

Everything I’ve done so far has led me to specialize in providing clear and fresh marketing copy, and high-quality localization (websites, software, and video games) in Spanish; something that allows me to use my creativity and feel less like a typist or a monkey with a dictionary.

After getting my English language degree, I started translating roleplaying books for very little money and helping open-source developers translate their projects for free. Once I got enough experience, I landed my first software and video game translation jobs and learned to deal with all those presentations and marketing texts for the Web. I loved to play with words to convey an equivalent message in Spanish.

And I still love to do that.

The way I see it, words must be accurate, but also flow in a way people feel they are not reading a translation. Only this way you can create experiences, build trust, and connect. Isn’t this the whole point after all?

Personal stuff

When I’m not on the Internet, I’m riding my longboard, learning guitar, doodling, or writing things. I also enjoy all kinds of music, although some of my favorites are  Porcupine Tree, Tom Waits, Jeff Buckley, and Tool.

Right now, I’m living in a little town in Seville, Spain, with my lovely girl, two cute cats, and a crazy dog.